Closed Captioning Services

Post Production Closed Captioning

Our experienced staff has been working with film and broadcast television closed captioning for over a decade. We make the process easy and stress-free. Just send us your video and just forget about it. We will send you back the caption files that you can encode with, or we can encode your broadcast quality video with captions and upload it to your broadcaster!

We can produce any kind of captioning file, for any frame rate. We can also reformat your old captioning files to match a new edit or different requirements for a network. For example, if you already have a closed captioning file and now want to reformat to Netflix’s specs, we can do that to perfection. We have reformatted hundreds of captioning files to meet Netflix’s standards and requirements. Click here to view Netflix’s closed captioning guidelines.

  • Broadcast Quality
  • Multiple Level QC
  • Tape, SD or HD
  • DVDs
  • BluRay
  • Live webminars
  • Live Sports
  • Encoding & Delivery

Live Captioning

Talking Type offers live closed captioning for any broadcast event. Whether it is sports, news or any kind of show, our certified closed captioners use the latest technology and their well honed skills to capture every spoken word as they are spoken. With speeds up to 250 words per minute, our live captioning is the best in the industry.

We also provide in-person–CART–and remote captioning for events such as conferences, meetings, conventions, sports events, webinars and speeches. Whether you’re an experienced production manager or this is your first time putting on an event, we guide you through the process and provide certified, professional live captioners equipped with all the hardware to make your event a huge success.

Web Captioning

The Internet is exploding with new video content, and there are millions of hours of video that needs to be accessible to a mobile audience. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo — no matter where your video lives, we can put your captions onto the most popular streaming platforms and video sites.

We can also reformat existing caption files to match up to the videos on the internet or any SVOD streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. We have captioned and subtitled hundreds of hours for Amazon Prime directly for them. We have also captioned hundreds of hours for Netflix indirectly of many film and television distributors.