Why Talking Type?

For more than a decade, Talking Type Captions has been a trusted name in the closed captioning industry, working with broadcasters, production houses, television stations, video services, government agencies, and much more. Why do our clients keep coming back?


Experience: Our staff has worked with closed captioning since 2003.

Knowledge: Since we’ve worked with so many diverse projects, we can handle anything that comes our way.

Service: We still provide a personal touch to every project.


With recent developments in speech recognition technology, some attempt to pass it off as closed captioning, promising you low rates and quick turnarounds. Our captions are 100% transcribed, timed, and edited by real human beings.

Closed captions are like a fashion accessory — if done well, they will blend in effortlessly and compliment the final product,  but if done poorly, they will drag down the whole outfit. So choose your caption provider with care!