Closed Captioning Live YouTube Events

We use Streamtext for closed captioning live webminars.  Once the event is set up the event with StreamText, we receive a URL for the event. We then take that URL and cut and paste it into the captioning software where the option is located.  It’s actually pretty seamless and the connection is always great.

The captions are displayed in pop-on mode, not roll-up. However, because of the 10 to 15 second buffering delay, the captioner MUST have live audio feed… not from the web and not from YouTube.  If they can dial-in and hear the audio live as it streams, that’s great.  If not and they get it from YouTube, it’s lagging too far behind to be useful.

Not all software can work this way. Eclipse Accucap has an output to caption live to YouTube. The writer must have the latest form of Accucap software because it is the only version with the YouTube option as the platform. Also, iCapApp can write directly to YouTube.