Welcome to Talking Type!

Since 2003, Talking Type has been providing closed captioning, subtitling and script services to some of the biggest names in the film and television industry. When we started out in 2003 we were dealing with tape. There was no such thing as digital video. Closed captioning was encoded to line 21 of the VBI. As the technology has changed, so have we in many ways. But our attention to detail remains the same as it was in our starting days. We took closed captioning very serious then, and now. Starting with just 30 minutes of closed captioning in our first month in 2003, today we can manage up to 10 hours of closed captioning and subtitling a day. In addition to this, we create about 2 hours of CCSL in one day.

Talking Type started out, like many other companies, from a garage. Today we have two offices, one where we just do closed captioning and the other is our headquarters at Bethesda, MD, from where our management staff serves our clients and controls all the work that we do.

We are proud of the exceptional work we do. We are proud of the exceptional clients that we have, who have stayed with us for all these years. We pledge to serve every client, old and new, with the best in closed captioning and subtitling in the world.

We walk the talk!