Closed Captioning Services

Offline Captioning, Live Shows, Webinars, Reformats

Since 2003, Talking Type Captions has provided Offline Closed Captioning to television networks and production companies across the country. Not only are our prices extremely competitive, our quality is top notch, and our service unbeatable.

Our post production (also called offline) broadcast quality closed captioning service offers highly accurate closed captioning with a two pass QC. We pride ourselves as a closed captioning service that has grown with the industry since the time when there was almost no digital video. Our process had evolved along with the advent of digital video technology, but we have kept one thing exactly the same – our obsession with ACCURACY! We make sure that each and every comma, colon, semicolon, ellipses etc. appear exactly how they should; that every word seen on the screen, whether big or small, will be worthy of our clients’ content.

Since we work two shifts, it is no problem for us to turn over closed captioning files overnight. Our in-house captioners and editors work tirelessly to produce the best captions money can buy. Very reasonable money. In fact, our competitive prices are a source of huge pride for us. And also worry. We worry that our prices might give the  wrong impression. But we assure you – our prices are honest!

Live Captioning: We only work with certified live captioners who have years of experience captioning sports, news, special live events and live webinars at a very high accuracy level. We leave no stones unturned to ensure top-notch captioning.

Subtitling & Translation

60 Extraordinary Translators, 24 Languages

Whether it’s subtitling movies or television shows, Talking Type Captions has years of experience creating subtitles that convey the precise meaning, the feel, the nuances of the original language to the target language.

Subtitling can be very tricky since no one company can employ in-house translators for every language. Our secret to creating extraordinary translations for subtitles in more than 24 languages is our extraordinary team of highly skilled translators in target language countries. How have we created our team? For every new translator who tests with us, we see their previous work and have an expert editor go through it minutely. Our team of translators is our gold mine! It costs a lot of time, money and energy to vet a translator but over the last 14 years, our efforts have paid off as each and every one of our  translators is on the top of their game.

Script Services

CCSL, Dialogue List, ABS, Spotting List

Talking Type Captions can help you meet your delivery requirements to networks by creating accurate and professional post-production scripts like:


Spotting Lists,

Dialogue Lists, and,

As Broadcast Scripts (ABS).

In 2003 when we first started with closed captioning, we didn’t even know what a CCSL was. But over the years, as we worked with several post production companies, we realized that the half of the work that goes into creating a CCSL document was actually very similar to creating a closed captioning file. The CCSL needed time codes that were easy for us to grab using our closed captioning program. So we attempted our first CCSL in 2010 and were surprised to find that it was so much fun! Since most of our team at Taking Type is full of film makers (or budding film makers), writing screen descriptions became an creative outlet for us. Today we have done numerous CCSL at a very reasonable rates as we are able to use our closed captioning experience to to keep the cost down. We are about 33% less in cost than many other CCSL writing companies out there. Give us a try!

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