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Closed Captioning since 2003

Why it makes better sense to do Closed Captioning and CCSL together.

Since 2003, Talking Type has been providing broadcast quality Closed Captioning, Subtitling, Post Production Scripts such as CCSL, Dialogue List and Audio Description services to the Film and Television Industry in the US and worldwide.
We are quick, accurate and inexpensive and understand that when it comes to delivering your final movie to the network of film distributor, it’s not just closed captioning but also a continuity or a dialogue list that needs to go with it.
So why not do both together because not only does it save you money, it’s quicker and more accurate when done together.
shooting scripts

Post Production

Dialogue List
As Broadcast Script

post production scripts

Closed Captioning

Broadcast Quality
Offline Captioning
Live Captioning

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Over 60 translators
Over 20 languages

Post Production Script Service

Audio Description

Audio and Video Files

Approved Closed Captioning Vendor for:

AE network
The History Channel


Working with Talking Type Captions is always a real pleasure. They make the process easy and everything went so smoothly. As we move through each facet of production, some parts of each project can be more challenging than others. I am glad to know that I have Talking Type as a reliable partner in the process.
Clair Reynolds

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