What is a Dialogue List?

A Sample of Simple Dialogue List

What is a Dialogue List

A Dialogue List is the final dialogue of film or a television show that is ready to be delivered. It contains all the pertinent information such as time code in of the dialogue — the exact time code where the dialogue starts, the name or identity of the speaker, and the words of the dialogue.

The dialogue if broken down in individual subtitles or captions is called a spotting list and if it’s written in its entirety without broken down then it would be called just a dialogue list.

At Talking Type we take every measure to ensure 100% accuracy of the dialogue delivered as we understand it is an important document to create subtitles and dubs in different languages and provides an easy way to have a bird’s eye view of the whole show.

The Talking Type Advantage

At Talking Type, we’ve been creating Dialogue Lists for more than 16 years. Having gathered all this experience with virtually every network and film production companies and distributors, our dialogue list or spotting lists are in a class all by themselves. All this at very reasonable prices.

Dialogue List Sample

A Sample of Simple Dialogue List



The Dialogue List has mostly three columns:

First Column: The time code at which the dialogue starts.

Second Column: The Identity of the speaker

Third Column: The spoken words of the Dialogue

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