CCSL - Combined Continuity
and Spotting List

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Comprehensive CCSL Sample by Talking Type Captions
Sample of Comprehensive CCL

What is a CCSL Film Script?

A Combined Continuity and Spotting List, also called CCSL in short, is a post production script of the final broadcast of a movie or television show in a written text form.
It’s a shot by shot description of the visual and audible content of the media. Complete with the frame-precise time codes, visual description of the action on the screen, lower-thirds, graphics, forced narratives and dialogue, a Combined Continuity and Spotting List is a faithful rendition of the deliverable master video.
The Talking Type Advantage
At Talking Type, we’ve been creating CCSL Scripts for more than 19 years. Having gathered all this experience with virtually every network and film production companies and distributors, our post production lists are in a class all by themselves. And are also very reasonably prices. That’s the advantage of working with Talking Type – quick, accurate and affordable CCSL, As Broadcast Script and Dialogue Lists. Check out all our samples and prices.
Download a List of Abbreviations (names of shots) that are used to describe visual in a CCSL Transcription continuity list.

CCSL Samples

The following are the most popular CCSL transcription types that we have worked with over the past 16 years. The comprehensive CCSL script that you will see below is the most prevalent.
Comprehensive CCSL
Comprehensive CCSL Sample by Talking Type Captions
Comprehensive CCSL Film Sample
Comprehensive CCSL is a continuity script that is written in the similar way as its simpler version but it is more detail oriented with camera movement, placement and technical aspects of film production.
Simple CCSL
Simple CCSL Sample by Talking Type Captions
CCSL Film Sample
A simpler version of a CCSL script has all the elements of a comprehensive CCSL except that the visual descriptions are succinct
CCSL with Dialogue Annotations
CCSL with Annotations Sample by Talking Type Captions
Comprehensive CCSL Sample with Annotation
Dialogue Annotations can be added to a CCSL if required. This is very useful to the translator for creating subtitles or dubbing in foreign languages.
Continuity List
Comprehensive Dialogue Sample by Talking Type Captions
Continuity List Sample
A Spotting List refers to the dialogue when it is broken down into individual subtitles. Each subtitle is called a spot. It also includes all forced narrative that are a part of a subtitled show such as any foreign language spoken, any text that is visible on the screen, any signs, title of books, etc.

What Goes Inside a CCSL?


What is a CCSL transcription used for?

CCSL Transcription Workflow

Comprehensive CCSL Sample by Talking Type Captions
Combined Continuity and Spotting List

What's the Difference between CDSL and CCSL continuity scripts?

A CCSL — Combined Continuity and Spotting List — contains visual descriptions (continuity) which is a shot by shot description detailing the action on the screen from the beginning of a shot to the end of the shot. It notes the camera angels, the action on the screen, any graphics or chyrons, lower-thirds, any signs or words on any article in the shot. It is a visual in word form. Each shot has its time code in and time code out noted along with the total duration of each shot.
A CDSL — Combined Dialogue and Spotting List , is a spotting list that is combined with a complete dialogue list. It does not contain continuity (visual descriptions) but instead the complete dialogue is noted in its entirety. In addition the dialogue is also presented in the form of subtitles (spotting list).
Comprehensive Dialogue Sample by Talking Type Captions
Comprehensive Dialogue Spotting

Seamless Production with CCSL Service!

Enhance your film or TV production with Talking Type Captions! Our Combined Continuity and Spotting List (CCSL) service ensures a detailed reflection of every shot, dialogue, and sound element. Partner with us for a seamless production journey.

Unlocking Precision in Film

Have you ever wondered how to meticulously capture every frame, dialogue, and atmospheric element in your film or TV production? Talking Type Captions has the answer.
With our combined continuity and spotting lists (CCSL) expertise, we transform your narrative into a structured masterpiece. We have two decades of experience working within the film and television production industry, across the United States, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere.
Our extensive experience and industry leadership make us your trusted collaborator. Experience the difference precision can make in your production. Connect with Talking Type Captions and discover how we bring precision to every frame.

What is CCSL?

In the world of filmmaking, a combined continuity and spotting list (CCSL) is like the behind-the-scenes storyteller, meticulously capturing every detail that unfolds on the screen.
Think of it as a comprehensive diary of your production, jotting down not just the dialogue but also the actions of the characters, the flow of the camera, scene descriptions, and the ambiance. It includes every bit that contributes to the magic of your story.
Unlike a regular script, a CCSL dives deep, dissecting each moment to give you a snapshot of the entire visual and auditory journey. It’s your go-to guide, ensuring no nuance is left unnoticed.

With CCSL, every scene is carefully documented, becoming a vital piece in the puzzle that forms your complete, captivating narrative. Ready to unravel the secrets of your production? The CCSL is your key.

What Are the Benefits of CCSL?

CCSL acts as your media company’s precision toolkit, offering an in-depth understanding of every shot. It ensures that no visual or auditory detail goes unnoticed.From character expressions to camera movements, CCSL provides a meticulous breakdown that becomes the foundation for crafting compelling narratives.
With the global reach of media, seamless adaptation is crucial. CCSL facilitates effortless transitions across languages, platforms, and cultural contexts. Whether it’s subtitling, dubbing, or accessibility features, the detailed breakdown allows for your content to resonate authentically with diverse audiences.
Dialogue and scene dynamics are the heartbeat of any production. CCSL, with its focus on precision, becomes your company’s guide to elevating the impact of dialogue delivery and scene composition. It ensures that the rhythm and emotion of each line are faithfully preserved, adding depth to your storytelling.
CCSL also serves as a collaborative bridge. It helps to facilitate enhanced communication across production teams. From scriptwriters to editors, the detailed breakdown fosters a shared understanding of the creative vision.
Efficiency is paramount in media production. CCSL streamlines the workflow, saving both time and cost. Providing a detailed roadmap of every scene minimizes the need for extensive revisions and reshoots, meaning that your projects stay on schedule and within budget.
CCSL acts as the guardian of your creative intent. Capturing not just the spoken words but the nuances, atmosphere, and emotions within each scene ensures that your original vision remains intact.
Incorporating CCSL into your production workflow signifies a commitment to precision and excellence. This dedication enhances your company’s reputation within the industry.
In an era of heightened awareness about accessibility, CCSL plays a pivotal role in making your content more inclusive. The detailed transcriptions make your productions accessible to audiences with varying needs, contributing to a more inclusive and diverse media landscape.
When your production is ready for distribution, CCSL becomes your confidence booster. Its detailed breakdown ensures that your content aligns seamlessly with distribution requirements, whether it’s for traditional broadcast, streaming services, or international markets.

CCSL for Film: How It Works

Your journey with Talking Type Captions begins with a straightforward process. Submit your script or raw footage, and let the collaboration unfold.
This initial step is a consultation where your vision and requirements take center stage. We delve into the intricacies of your production. This is something that ensures a clear understanding of your storytelling nuances and unique elements.
Once we’ve gathered your materials, our expert team takes the reins. The magic begins with meticulous transcription. We transform spoken words into a detailed CCSL, capturing not just the dialogue but the essence of each shot.
This step is a symphony of precision crafting, where every line, every action, and every atmospheric element is carefully cataloged. Our goal is to breathe life into your narrative on paper. This helps to preserve the creative nuances that make your production unique.
Here at Talking Type Captions, we believe in collaboration and refinement. The third step involves an iterative process, where your feedback becomes our guiding compass. We present the initial CCSL draft, and your insights play a crucial role in shaping the final product.
This refinement ensures that the CCSL aligns seamlessly with your creative vision. Each round of feedback brings us closer to perfection, making the process not just efficient but tailored to your specific needs.

Why Partner With Talking Type?

Talking Type Captions brings 20 years of invaluable industry expertise to the table. Our journey, rooted in the evolution of media technologies, reflects a commitment to excellence that has stood the test of time.
With a wealth of experience, we navigate the complexities of media production with confidence, offering a level of insight and understanding that sets us apart.
Precision is our forte. At Talking Type Captions, attention to detail is not just a part of our process; it’s also a core value. Every frame, every line of dialogue, and every ambient sound is cataloged with meticulous care. This level of detail guarantees a CCSL that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, elevating the quality of your production.
We understand that every project is unique, and your creative vision is distinct. Talking Type Captions tailors its services to fit your specific needs.
Whether it’s adapting to your storytelling style, accommodating unique production elements, or addressing specific distribution requirements, our team crafts customized solutions that amplify your creative intent.
Our team embraces an iterative refinement process driven by client feedback. Your insights become the driving force behind personalized adjustments, ensuring that the CCSL aligns seamlessly with your vision.
This commitment to refinement guarantees a final product that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
We have built our reputation over the course of 20 years by providing the highest quality services to our clients. Our global recognition is a testament to the reliability, precision, and professionalism we bring to every CCSL project.
Choosing Talking Type Captions means having a partner for the entire production journey. From the initial script to the final distribution, our involvement ensures continuity, coherence, and a unified approach.

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