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What a CCSL!

CCSL Script

With over a 1000 Post Production Scripts to our name, we can create your Combined Continuity and Spotting List for any network or film distributor. We are quick, reasonably priced and accurate! 

We describe every scene shot by shot in great detail. Each dialogue is written down precisely as per the ADA guidelines for closed captioning. This makes creating a closed captioning file very easy. 

Not only that, our CCSL can be used to help with creating subtitles in different languages. Since our timecodes are captured using our closed captioning and subtitling software, half the job is already done!

CCSL Sample By Talking Type
CCSL sample

We firmly believe a good Dialogue List can go a long way in building great relationships with your networks and distributors. Especially if it’s done with precision and grace. Like we do it here at Talking Type.

We create the best Dialogue List
Also called Dialogue Continuity Script, we capture the time codes of the dialogue using our cutting-edge closed captioning software. The result is a dialogue list with frame precise time codes that can be used to create a closed captioning file with ease. Dialogue Lists come in many flavors. Some are very simple with just the spearker name, time code in and the dialogue. Some others can be very complex with a lot of extra information like dialogue annotations, fixed narrative, music cues, lower-thirds, graphics, sound effects, and lyrics.
A Sample of Simple Dialogue List
Dialogue List

How to get your ABS
in best shape ever!

Our As Broadcast Script writers write screenplays in their day job. An As Broadcast Script is a natural extension of writing screenplays. They bring the same precision of writing screenplays to writing As Broadcast Scripts.

The best As Broadcast Script service

Over the years, As Broadcast Script has become a generic term and it means many things now. Often when our clients for an As Broadcast Script, they either mean a dialogue list in some form.

To the right is the actual As Broadcast Script that is written in the form of a screenplay.

Sample As Broadcast Script
As Broadcast Script

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