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Offline Closed Captioning

Since 2003, Talking Type Captions has provided Offline Closed Captioning to television networks and production companies across the country. Not only are our prices extremely competitive, our quality is top-notch, and our service unbeatable.

Having captioned thousands of shows, movies, television episodes for many networks and film distributors, you can rest assured your captioning job is in good hands.
closed captioning services

Live Closed Captioning

Live captioning is all about the live captioner. Their years of experience, skill, cool head under pressure and their nimble fingers. And most of all a ear-head-hand coordination. You have to be made of some special stuff to be able to caption live, at the rate of speech — 220 words per minute. It takes a super human skill to process all the information and type it out accurately, non-stop.
Which is why our vetting process to choose a live captioner is long and arduous. We make sure every captioner we hire is certified by various authorities and have at least 10 years of experience with live captioning before we give them one of our shows to caption.  And the result? The best live captioning money can buy!
Live Close Captioning
Live Captioning
We also caption live events — CART services anywhere in the US. Equipped with the latest technology, our CART providers ensure that captions are perfect at every location.
Live Spanish Closed Captioning
What makes our Spanish language closed caption so special?
Our veteran Spanish language editors.

Spanish Language Closed Captioning

We believe in closed captioning every word counts. That is why we make it certain that every line, every word, every sound effect, every lyric is edited and then reedited to perfection.
This is what we call ‘Broadcast Quality’ closed captioning.
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We also provide live Spanish closed captioning.

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