Live Captioning

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Live Captioning

Talking Type offers in-person and remote captioning for events such as conferences, meetings, conventions, sports events, webinars, and speeches. Whether you’re an experienced production manager or this is your first time putting on an event, we guide you through the process and provide professional, experienced live transcribers.
Live Events
Talking Type Captions provides on-site live captioning with a coordinator, a live captioner, and all the equipment they need to hook into your display equipment and provide real time transcription for your live event.
Remote Captioning
We work with a staff of experienced, professional live captioners across the country who are able to connect to your audio stream through the Internet or through an audio line to provide captions through YouTube Live, Streamtext, even Google Hangouts. This is an excellent service for online webinars or conferences.

Why live caption with Talking Type?

Since 2003, we’ve worked with the best live captioners in the business, and we have a roster of qualified, professional live captioners to make sure your event is accessible to all. We also offer editing services for the resulting transcript, to turn the raw live captioning into a professional, broadcast-quality caption file.
While we offer in-person live captioners and transcribers for events in the DC area, we also offer remote live captioning assistance anywhere using VOIP or telephone lines.
For events happening online, such as YouTube Live events or webinars, the live captioner will connect to the event via the internet, and using a service such as, transcribe the audio for viewers to watch through either the website, a dedicated client, or in the case of YouTube Live, on the YouTube page directly.
For in-person events, the microphone line from the speaker can be directly connected to a telephone line, allowing the live captioner to call a phone number and be able to hear the speaker’s audio feed and transcribe accordingly. Assuming there are display screens, the live captioner will hook their specialized equipment up directly to the display, allowing the audience to see the text as the transcriber types.
Captioning your live webinar is easy with Talking Type Captions. Simply send us the access information for your webinar, and we’ll do the rest. We coordinate from our dedicated team of experienced, professional live captioners who know all the tricks of the trade and will provide a high quality, accessible experience for your viewers. Then, we set up a dedicated event for you with a live captioning web interface, such as, which is easily compatible with all of the major webinar software.
Finally, since live transcription does not meet our accuracy standards for post production captioning quality, we also offer an option for you to have our post production captioning and editing team review the live transcript, edit the dialogue, and time the transcript for you to have a complete, professional, accessible webinar to show long after your event is over!
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Need Live Captioning?

Top-notch quality at affordable rates, it doesn’t get better than Talking Type!