Working with some of the best trained linguists in almost every spoken language in the world, we learned a very strange thing — that experience did not matter as much as proper training did right off the bat. Consider this: how many times have you met someone who lives in a country for over 20 years, that was born in another country, and still speaks incorrect language of the adopted country!

During the vetting process for our translators we were shocked to learn that some of the most confident translators were not as good as they claimed to be. In fact, they were shocked to see the amount of red color (that the editor uses to correct the translation) in their work. Lesson – if you speak incorrectly, you will continue to speak incorrectly for the rest of your life unless you consciously understand the correct use of a language. And, also, to learn to speak correctly, one must first unlearn to speak incorrectly.

Our association with over 300 language specialists that are best in their language combination has resulted in our creating some of the best translations for hundreds of television shows, operas, musical and movies. Each of our translators goes through a very vigorous vetting program and only the best, and very few make it to our hallowed list of translators whom we use for our clients’ subtitling jobs. Each job is double edited (single edited if you don’t have the budget), to perfection.

We consider ourselves a boutique subtitling house. Give us a try, is all we can say–nothing will be lost in translation!

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